TROPHY HUNT (Game Warden) – G C. J. Box – 4th in series
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2004 – Hardcover

It’s bad enough when Joe finds the mutilated body of a moose, but when similar mutilations are found on dead cattle and then two men, it becomes clear that the predator has two legs rather than four.

After Box’s first three excellent books, I found this a bit lacking. It felt very slow at times and had a number of things left unexplained. I don’t mind the element of mysticism but it didn’t feel complete. Joe, his family and friends are great characters, the story definitely had me turning the pages and completing it in a day but it wasn’t quite as strong as his previous books. Don’t misunderstand; this is still a very good read and a series I shall continue to follow, but I hope the next entry will have a bit more suspense to it.

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