CRIMINAL INTENT (Legal Mystery-San Francisco-Cont.) – G+ Sheldon Siegel – 3rd in series
Putnam, 2002 – Hardcover

San Francisco attorneys Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez are partners in a law firm and ex-partners in marriage. When they take on the case of Rosie’s niece, actress Angel, who is accused of murdering her movie director husband, they discover there’s more involved than the silver screen.

One thing I like, and which makes Siegel’s books stand out for the normal legal thriller, is now little time is spent in the courtroom. Siegel, a practicing attorney himself, focuses on the characters involved and the investigation prior to the case going to court. And, living across the Bay from San Francisco, I always appreciate his very accurate descriptions of the City. While not terribly suspenseful, this is a very well done, enjoyable series and one I continue to follow and recommend.

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