THE SHIFTING TIDE (Private Investigator-Victorian England) – Ex Anne Perry – 14th in Monk series
Headline, 2004 – Hardcover (U.K. release)

Thomas Monk is hired by ship owner Clement Louvain to locate and recover stolen ivory tusks. Monk is also committed to find who killed one of the ship’s crewmembers. Unknown to Monk, Louvain brings a very ill woman to Hester’s clinic for abused and ill prostitutes. The consequences of these two events could be deadly for millions.

This is an exceptional book. The relationship between Monk and Hester has deepened and Ms. Perry enables the reader to feel that relationship. There is a sense of place that makes part of Victorian London, excellent plotting and wonderful characters including strong secondary characters. But most of all, you feel the threat and courage of the characters when placed in an overwhelming situation. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Perry since her first book but had to warm up to the Monk series. This book not only convinced me about the series but I believe this is the best book she’s written to date.

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