THE DANGEROUS HOUR (Private Investigator-San Francisco-Cont.) – VG Marcia Muller – 23rd in series
Mysterious Press, 2004 – Hardcover

Sharon McCone has come a long way in her career and her agency is growing. Now it’s all at risk with the arrest of her new street-wise employee Julia Rafael for credit-card fraud from Supervisor Alex Aguilar. When it becomes clear that Aguilar is not all he seems and the threat escalates, Sharon and her team kick into high gear.

One of the strengths of this series is that McCone is a character who changes and grows over time. I liked that this book had her looking back to realize those changes. She’s not so independent that she hasn’t built relationships nor so tough that she has trouble dealing with her diabetic cat. There are good supporting characters, a tight plot and plenty of suspense. This may not be her very best book, but it’s a solid installment to an excellent series

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