DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER (Psychological Thriller-Miami-Cont) – G+ Jeff Lindsay – 1st book
Doubleday, 2004 – Hardcover

Miami PD blood splatter expert is also a sociopathic serial killer. When his policewoman foster sister, Deb, asks him to come to a crime scene, he’s more than interested as body has been surgically cut into pieces and there is no blood; very much the style of Dexter’s own.

Definitely different, having a serial killer as the sympathetic protagonist. There seems to be a rise of the anti-hero but at least Dexter knows exactly what he is, and you are so told almost too many times. Dexter is a fascinating character—I kept thinking of Harlan’s Cobin’s Win. Unfortunately he’s the only really well drawn character in the book; the others seem flat and stereotypical. The ending was a bit unsatisfactory but the story was tight and well plotted. There is a book two in the works and I’m certain I’ll see where the series goes from here.

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