THE LAST TEMPLAR (Historical Mystery-14th Cent. England) – G+ Michael Jecks – 1st in series
Headline, 1995 – Paperback

Simon Puttock, newly appointed bailiff of Lydford Castle, is called to investigate a fire and death thought to be accidental. However, his new friend, Sir Baldwin Furnshill, convinces him it was murder. When another, much more brutal, death by fire occurs, Simon has to find out whether he’s looking for one or two killers and whether one is his new friend.

If you’ve not read Da Vinci code and always wanted to know the history of Friday the 13th or what happened to the Knights Templar, this book will tell you. But under the historical information and setting, is a well-done look at life during that period, interesting characters and relationships, and a pretty decent mystery. I definitely enjoyed this and shall definitely keep following Simon and Sir Baldwin.

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