SKULL SESSION (Neurological Thriller-NY-Cont) – VG Daniel Hecht – 1st book
Viking, 1998 - Hardcover

Paul Skoglund, unable to keep a job due to having Tourette’s, agrees to clean up and start repairs on the vandalized house owned by his estranged aunt. But when he sees the extent of destruction and learns from a local policeman that a number of young people have gone missing or died in that area, it’s clear there is more going on than simple vandalism.

This book caught me up from page one and held me with rapt attention. I learned a lot about Tourette’s, which I found interesting, but be aware the author crosses from the book being a neurological thriller into psychological horror toward the end. There was one scene toward the end I would prefer to have seen done differently, but overall felt this was a very good book with some very interesting characters. I shall definitely read more by Mr. Hecht.

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