Stansberry, Domenic - CHASING THE DRAGON

CHASING THE DRAGON (Unlicensed-San Francisco-Cont) – Ok Domenic Stansberry – 6th book
St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2004- Hardcover

Dante Mancuso, forced out after seven years with the San Francisco police, as been working around the world for “The Company.” They’ve now sent him back to San Francisco just at the time when his father has died. But when his uncle gives him photo negatives from his father, and his uncle is murdered, Dante questions his father’s death and what is behind it all.

The most interesting and best-developed character in this book was the city of San Francisco, the flavors and nuances of which the author captured beautifully. Unfortunately, I found the human characters flat and uninvolving. There is good dialogue and suspense, but also massive coincidences and dangling threads left at the end. I was sadly disappointed in this book.

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