SMOKE SCREEN (Thriller-Cont) - G Kyle Mills – Standalone
Signet-2004, Paperback

Trevor Barnett, living off a trust fund and promised inheritance, is a descendant of the founders of the tobacco industry. He is drifting through his job and life until a one-line report ends up being seen by the company’s CEO, resulting in a promotion and confusing thrust into the front line of a battle between the tobacco industry, federal government and anti-smoking proponents.

More a fantasy than a thriller, this story was so engrossing I was more than half way through it before it occurred to me it wasn’t really a mystery. You know Trevor is being set up as a patsy, but are fascinated to see the result. Although I was, occasionally, annoyed by Trevor’s seeming spinelessness, his youth, relationship with his parents, and background allowed me to accept him. The relationship between the government, tobacco industry and legal system was fascinating. If you’re looking for a book in which to lose yourself for a few hours, or the perfect airplane book, I recommend giving this a try.

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