CITY OF MASKS (Paranormal Mystery-New Orleans-Cont) – G+ Daniel Hecht – 1st in series
Bloomsbury, 2003 – Hardcover

Parapsychologist Cree (short for Lucrecia) Black has been hired by the son of one of New Orleans top families. His sister, Lila Beauforte, wants to move back into the historic family home but is being terrorized by something of which only she is aware. While think she needs psychiatric help, her brother wants Cree to investigate whether there really are ghosts in the house.

This is truly a paranormal mystery, rather than horror. That said, it doesn’t lack for suspense or things that go bump--for me, parts were better read during the day—but it doesn’t cross the line into horror. Cree is a well-drawn, well-rounded character with strength, but not lacking in fear, and internal ghosts of her own with which she is trying to deal. The secondary characters are well drawn and you understand their motivations. An additional character is New Orleans itself, which is very well and accurately depicted. Mr. Hecht has created a great story.

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