THE WEAVER AND THE FACTORY MAID (Gothic-England-Cont) - VG Deborah Grabien – 1st in series
Thomas Dunn Books, 2003- Hardcover

Ringan Laine, a British folk musician and period architecture restoration expert, accepts a piece of land containing a cottage and tithe barn in lieu of payment. What he didn’t know, at the time, was it also contained a pair of ghosts. With the help of his girlfriend, benefactor and band mates, he becomes determined to find out who they are and how to release them.

I’ll admit I love Gothics and so was delighted to find a new author who writes them. I learned a bit about English history, architecture, and music. While not horribly scary, which was fine by me, there was excellent sense of place, a bit of pathos in the story of the ghosts, and a very enjoyable read.

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