METRO GIRL (Amateur Sleuth-Florida-Cont) – G
Janet Evanovich – Standalone
Harper Collins, 2004- Hardcover

Alexandra Barnaby receives an alarming late night call from her brother that’s cut off mid-conversation with a woman’s scream in the background. She files to Miami to find her brother, and hooks up with NASCAR driver Sam Hooker, whose boat her brother has taken. Together they are trying to outrun the bad guys to find her brother, a boat, a cache of gold and a mysterious canister.

In some ways, I liked Alex better than Stephanie, as she’s smarter and more self-reliant, whereas Hooker, the NASCAR guy, annoyed me. Although there wasn’t the sexual tension, and it didn’t give me the laugh-out-loud moments the Plum books often do, it was still a fun read.

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