SHADOW OF DEATH (Amateur Sleuth/Lawyer-New England-Cont) – G+ William G. Tapply - 20th in series
St. Martin's Minotaur,
2001- Paperback

Attorney Brady Coyne has been hired by the campaign manager of Democratic Senate hopeful Ellen Stoddard to locate her husband. However, when Coyne hires an investigator who is then murdered, Coyne decides to find out himself why his friend died and where is the husband.

I'd not read Tapply prior to this but didn't feel lost in the series. I very much enjoyed the characters, the fact that Coyne is ethical, and the fact that we didn't spend any time in the courtroom. The sense of place and dialogue were excellent. I knew who the killers were very early into the story but not the motive behind it all, and there was a good twist at the end. While I didn't find it and outstanding read, I certainly enjoyed it enough to give others in the series a try.

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