Moore, Christopher - THE STUPIDEST ANGEL

THE STUPIDEST ANGEL (Fantasy-Pine Cove, CA-Cont) - VG Christopher Moore - Standalone
William Morrow, 2004 - Hardcover

Constable Theo Crowe has sworn off pot as long as his wife, Molly the Outlander Warrior Babe, keeps taking her meds. Add to them a completely off-center cast of characters and young Joshua Barker, who has just seen Santa murdered and is praying for a Christmas miracle. Unfortunately, the angel Raziel, who has come to perform the miracle, is definitely not your first-ranked angel and total chaos ensues.

I read this on plane home for Christmas and laughed myself halfway across the country. I may now have a problem reading Gift of the Magi, eating lasagna or shopping at Ikea. But for those with a completely irreverant sense of humor, this is a wacky, delightful book.

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