THE LAST VICTIM IN GLEN ROSS (Police Procedural-Scotland-Cont) - G M.G. Kincaid - 1st in series
Pocket Books, 2003- Paperback

Detective Sergeant Seth Mornay is called to investigate the murder of a woman found in the local church graveyard of the vicar with whom she was a close friend. When Mornay learns the vicar's wife committed suicide a couple year's earlier, Mornay feels there is a link between the two deaths.

The main reason this did not rate more highly was my constant irritation of the author referring to previous cases and history yet knowing this is the first book in the series. However, the character of Mornay is interesting; dimensional and imperfect, along with his partner Constable Claire Gillespie. Even though I did suspect the identity of the killer fairly soon, there was enough going on to make me turn the pages and keep me involved. I shall probably follow this series to the next book, more for the characters than the plot.

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