THE GLASS HOUSE (Amateur Sleuth-England-1800's) - VG Ashley Gardner - 3rd in series
Berkeley Prime Crime, 2004- Paperback

Captain Gabriel Lacey is called on by his former Sergeant, now a Bow Street Runner, to possibly identify the body of a woman pulled from the river. Although he does not know her, he is angered by her death and determined to find her killer. When her identity associates her with both society and The Glass House, a site of both gambling and illicit vices, Lacey discovers it is more than a simple case of murder.

Gardner does an excellent job of portraying Regency England. His character is the essence of honor, yet is by no means perfect and I find myself wanting to know more about him. There are excellent secondary characters who provide a strong sense of the period. The plot held me from beginning to end. This is a series which has improved with each book, and I find myself anxious to read the next installment.

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