A FATAL VINEYARD SEASON (Amateur Sleuth-Martha's Vineyard-Cont) – G Philip H. Craig – 10th in series
Scribner, 1999- Hardcover

Retired policeman, J.W. Jackson, is hired to look after starlet Ivy Holiday, who is African-American, and has continued to receive letters from a stacker currently in prison. However, a greater threat comes from a local sexist racist and whose ex-con brother runs a protection business around the island.

J.W. is an interesting character; devoted husband and father who loves to cook—although he uses "Delish" one too many times, and with different spellings; note to editor—and who acts as a handyman and crime solver. There are other well-done recurring characters; the setting is well conveyed, and dialogue well done. There is suspense, but somehow these almost read to me as cozies, maybe because of the recipes at the end. It's an enjoyable book in an enjoyable series.

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