Jardine, Quintin - SKINNER'S FESTIVAL

SKINNER'S FESTIVAL (Police Proc-Scotland-Cont) – G+
Jardine, Quintin – 2nd of series
St. Martin's Press, 1995- Hardcover

Assistant Chief Constable Robert Skinner is head of CID and security advisor to the Secretary of State. He, and his team, is faced with terrorist threats that turn murderous during Edinburgh's popular August Festival, which attracts thousands of tourists. But in spite of the terrorists missives saying they are demanding a free Scotland, Skinner believe they have a different goal in mind.

The plot is good, the dialogue excellent, the chapters' advance the action, and sense of place is very well done. The only slight problem is that the character of Skinner, the antithesis of Rebus, is so perfect it's almost irritating. Even so, the series is well done and exciting, and one I recommend.

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