PENANCE (Private Investigator-Minnesota-Cont) – G+
Housewright, David – 1st in series
Foul Play Press, 1995- Hardcover

Holland Taylor, a former cop turned private, is brought in for questioning about the murder of a man who had been released after serving time for driving drunk and killing Taylor's wife and child. Taylor realizes he's been set up by the cops to find the killer, but things become very interesting when the trail involves someone attempting to blackmail a candidate for governor.

The plot is over-involved and Taylor needed a little more dimensionality. Even the character admits to his occasional TSTL moments. But the story is fast-paced with some wonderful moments and is a very credible first book. Having read one of his recent books of a new series, I do know he's an author worth reading. That said, I do recommend this book and look forward to reading the next two in the Taylor series.

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