TO SHIELD THE QUEEN (Historical Mystery-England-1500s) – G+ Buckley, Fiona – 1st of series
Pocket Books, 1978- Paperback

Mistress Ursula Blanchard, a new member to the court of Elizabeth I, has been asked to stay with Robin Dudley's ailing wife Amy. There are rumors that Dudley is trying to kill Amy to clear his way for a possible marriage to Elizabeth I. But when Amy dies of a broken neck and Ursula sends a letter to court with her man John, who is brutally killed, Ursula is determined to find the truth of the events.

Ursula is a strong, independent woman, but not unrealistically so for her background or position. The mystery is okay, but the characters and depiction of the period kept me involved. Although it dragged a bit at times, Buckley paints a wonderful picture of the life and intrigues of court life. I would read another.

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