Parker, T. Jefferson - CALIFORNIA GIRL

CALIFORNIA GIRL (Police Proc/Amateur-Califorania-1950s to Cont) – G Parker, T. Jefferson – 12th book
William Morrow, 2004- Hardcover

The Becker boys rumbled with the Vonn boys when they were young. But there was something about young Janelle Vonn that caught their eye. Now in the 1960's Janelle has reconnected with a couple of the Beckers, up until she is found murdered. Nick Becker, now a cop, is handling Janelle's murder as his first homicide case while Andy, a reporter, is also investigating.

I have loved some of Parker's books; just not this one. It begins in first person, moves to third person, and ends in first person. Real people from the 60's are included in the story for no real purpose other than setting. You're not certain whether it's a mystery or a family epic or both, but it so bogs down in the middle, I didn't particularly care. Parker does a very good job conveying a segment of life during the 60's. He is, in general, an excellent writer. Unfortunately, this book is just not up to par for me.

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