DARK MATTER (Amateur Sleuth-London-1600s) – Okay- Kerr, Philip – 11th book
McArthur & Company, 2002- Paperback

Christopher Ellis has been hired and clerk and protector to Sir Issac Newton, now Warden of the Royal Mint. In their efforts to track down counterfeiters, they uncover murders, ciphers and a much more dangerous plot.

In spite of the length of the book, it did read quickly, probably because I did a lot of skimming. Kerr's detail of the period is fascinating and well researched, but the characters of Ellis and Newton seemed a parody of Watson and Holmes and lacked any real depth. Even though you were aware the author was trying to make the dialogue appropriate to the period, it came off stilted and awkward. There were descriptive sex scenes which seemed gratuitous. As one who enjoys historical mysteries, there are many better choices than this.

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