THE BURNING OF RACHEL HAYES (Amateur Sleuth-Minnesota-Cont) – VG Allyn, Doug - 1st book in series
Five Star, 2004 – Hardcover

Veterinarian David Westbrook, released after 2 years in prison, has rented a barn to rebuild his practice and his life. He hears a woman's screams and rescues her son who'd fallen in an old well. But he also discovers the remains of a woman, Rachel Hayes, who had died in a firestorm in the 1870's. But once her remains are found, fires and deaths begin.

Not a typical ghost story, but one filled with strong, diverse and interesting characters, both human and animal. I found myself caught up in the story. Parts of it stayed with me long after finishing the book. There are animals harmed in this book, but it was relevant to the plot. I've already ordered another of Mr. Allyn's books, which is as good a recommendation as is.

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