THE 37TH HOUR (Police Proc-US-Cont) – NR Compton, Jodi – 1st
Dell, 2004- Paperback

Sarah Pribek is a missing-persons investigator. But she never though the person for whom she would be searching was her own husband, police officer Shiloh. Married only two months, when Shiloh leaves for FBI training in Quantico, but never arrives, it's up to Sarah to find him.

First, the premise just didn't work. Second, there was so much backstory, it seemed as though the author knew there wasn't much of a plot, but the pages needed to be filled with something. Third, the characters were unrelentingly grim. The only really good thing I can say is that I, for once, bought the book in paperback. This, for me, was a definite miss.

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