Villatoro, Marcos M. – HOME KILLINGS

HOME KILLINGS (Police Procedural-Nashville-Cont) – G Villatoro, Marcos M. – 1st in series
Dell, 2001- Paperback

Detective Romilia Chacon is called to the crime scene of an apparent suicide and identifies it as a murder. Because she discovers a piece of evidence linking the murder to serial killings, which they believed had been solved, Romilia is assigned to partner with the officer of the serial murders. The trail involves a young man viscously beaten, illegal immigrants and a possible drug lord.

While I found the plot a little weak, I very much enjoyed the character of Romilia, a rookie detective and Latina living with her son and mother. She's smart, interesting and fully dimensional. The writing is solid and I enjoyed the aspects of Latin culture incorporated into the characters and the story. All in all, it's a good first effort.

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