WHOSE BODY? (Amateur Sleuth-London-1920s) – VG
Sayers, Dorothy L. – 1st in series

Harper, 1923- Paperback

Lord Peter Wimsey is called to view the body of an unknown dead man found in the bathtub of a friend. The body is wearing nothing but a gold pince-nez. When Ruben Levy, a prosperous member of the Exchange, disappears, Wimsey, and his intrepid man Bunter and detective friend Mr. Parker, set out to find the solution.

I had forgotten how fun this is. Reflecting the social attitudes of English aristocracy at the time, yet still with the impact of WWI, Wimsey is an interesting character surrounded by a cast of excellent supporting players. It was a real treat to be re-introduced to this delightful series. If you've not read Dorothy Sayers, I recommend giving the series a try.

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