Margolin, Phillip – GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN (Suspense-New York, Oregon/Cont) – G+
Margolin, Phillip – 3rd book
Harper Torch, 1993- Paperback

Portland attorney, Betsy Tannenbaum, is given a large retainer against future work by wealthy businessman Martin Darius. When the bodies of women who've been tortured and murdered are found on his property, Darius is arrested and Betsy asked to defend him. The women had disappeared from their homes with a black rose and note saying "Gone, but not forgotten" left behind. But when the case is tied to disappearances, and Darius, 10 years previous in New York State, Betsy questions whether she can continue to represent her client.

This is what I consider to be a perfect weekend or airplane book. It draws you in quickly, keeps you reading non-stop, and has interesting characters and excellent suspense. But it also has some holes in the plot and a killer and motive I spotted fairly early on. That didn't make it any less enjoyable, but does take it out of the "excellent" category into "very good."

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