Green, Simon R. – HEX AND THE CITY

HEX AND THE CITY (Fantasy) – G+ Green, Simon R. – 4th in series
Ace, 2005- Paperback

Investigator John Taylor has been hired by Lady Luck to find out the origin and purpose of Nightside, that part of London where it is always 3 a.m. In his hunt, he teams with Madman, who had been driven mad by seeing reality, Sinner, who gave up his soul to know true love, and Pretty Poison, the demon succubus object of his heart.

Although clearly fantasy, I always think of these as mystery as there are always cases for John to solve but with clients and enemies beyond the norm. I do wish Green would do more with the supporting characters and the endings were not quite as abrupt—maybe the books need to be a bit longer, which would be fine by me. But he does manage to include ideas that make me stop and think a bit. These books are not for the weak of stomach, but it's a series I very much enjoy this series, and this is another good addition.

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