Alexander, Bruce – RULES OF ENGAGEMENT

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (Amateur Sleuth-London-1700s) – VG Alexander, Bruce – 11th, and final, book
Putnam, 2005- Hardcover

Sir John Fielding and Jeremy Procter look into the sudden death of Lord Lammermoor, a member of the House of Lords. Lammermoor was walking across Westminster Bridge when he suddenly goes to the edge, and throws himself over in an apparent suicide. Or is it? Questions arise and the pair is interested to learn that Lady Lammermoor is a patron of Dr. Goldworthy, a practitioner of animal magnetism as introduced by Dr. Anton Mesmer.

Sadly, Bruce Alexander passed on before the final edit of this book, but his wife aided in its completion. Alexander's writing had an intellect and elegance I have so enjoyed. This is not fast paced suspense and I knew who was behind the death, but that did not diminish my enjoyment. It is a clever puzzle I enjoyed watching unfold, the sense of time and place is exceptional, and I appreciated that there was a resolution of the main characters. I very much enjoyed this book and series, and shall miss Mr. Alexander's lovely writing.

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