DEAD RUN (Amateur Sleuths-Wisconsin-Cont)- VG Tracy, P.J. – 3rd book
Putnam, 2005- Hardcover

Monkeewrench members Grace McBride, Annie Belinsky and FBI agent Sharon Mueller are heading to Green Bay to work with the local police. While taking a side trip and Grace's Land Rover brakes down so they walk to down only to find it completely deserted; no people or animals. Things quickly turn dangerous when they find the residents of the town and are being hunted by men who are out to kill.

A slight negative is that one really should read the previous two books first to learn who the characters are, as this book depends more on action than character development. But the characters are fun, the dialogue great and the action non-stop. It's an exciting ride and I'll definitely be there for the next adventure. If you're looking for the perfect Sunday or airplane book, this is it.

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