Linsley, Clyde – DIE LIKE A HERO

DIE LIKE A HERO (Unlicensed Investigator-D.C./New Hampshire-1800s) – NR Linsley, Clyde
– 3rd in series

Berkeley, 2005 - Paperback

Josiah Beede called to Washington, D. C. and is asked to investigate the death of President Harrison. In the meantime, on a trip back to his home in New Hampshire, the new husband of a woman Beede hoped to marry is found murdered.

The dialogue was poor, the characters flat and uninteresting, and there was no suspense. Too much time was spent with the character traveling back and forth. I felt the author was trying harder to impress me with his views on issues of that time than trying to create a good mystery. There were two mysteries to be solved, neither interesting nor plausible. I just can not recommend this book.

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