SCAMMING THE BIRDMAN (Amateur Sleuth-New York-Cont) – VG Karp, Larry – 2nd in series
Write Way Publishing, 2000- Hardcover

Dr. Thomas Purdue collects antique music boxes. A fellow collector asks him to look at his wife, found paralyzed in the park. The wife dies and Thomas learns she had helped an unethical collector, Vincent LoPriore, steal the husband's collection of musical snuffboxes. Thomas gathers the troops and orchestrates the ultimate scam against LoPriore.

Karp has put together a wonderful cast of characters, devised an elaborate plot and allowed us to go along for the ride. The information on music boxes is fascinating and doesn't slow down the story. My criticisms are small; for a wealthy doctor he never seems to practice, and I'm a little tired of couples who love each other but can't live together. On the positive side, it's fun and suspenseful with a great twist at the end. I'll definitely go along with Purdue and pals on their next adventure.

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