Housewright, David – DEARLY DEPARTED

DEARLY DEPARTED (Private Investigator-Minnesota-Cont) – VG Housewright, David – 3rd in
Foul Play Press, 1999- Hardcover

P.I. Holland Taylor truly dislikes attorney Hunter Truman. But he can't ignore the tape recording Truman plays which begins "If you are listening to this now, it is because I am dead." Truman hires Taylor to find Ailson Emerton who disappeared from her home without a trace. Is she dead, kidnapped or did she leave on her own?

Housewright is a very recent addition to my collection and am I glad found him. His books have great characters, dialogue and sense of place. Truman isn't the biggest, strongest or best-looking detective of the genre. But he is smart, determined and ethical, which personally appeals to me. This book has twists I didn't expect, right up to the very end. Housewright is well worth reading.

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