Harris, Charlaine – DEAD AS A DOORNAIL

DEAD AS A DOORNAIL (Paranormal Mystery-Louisiana-Cont) – G+ Harris, Charlaine – 5th in series
ACE, 2005- Hardcover

Bartender and telepath Sookie Stackhouse is concerned when someone is shooting the local Weres (as in werewolves and other shifters). When her boss, Sam, is shot in the leg, Sookie has to ask Eric, the head Vampire for the area, for the loan of a bartender. Someone tries to burn down her house; her vampire boyfriend, Bill, is back; her friend, Tara, is being dominated by a nasty Vampire; and Sookie is asked to show support in the battle for a friend's father to become head of the Shifters. Just another day in the life of Sookie.

For those of us who enjoy paranormals, this is such a fun series. There was less of a mystery in this book, or perhaps it was that there was more of a focus on Sookie and the "men" around her. I just hope she doesn't go the way of Laurell Hamilton. But all the characters are interesting and the idea of Sookie's world is intriguing. It's not the best in the series, but still a very enjoyable read.

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