KILLING PAPARAZZI (Amateur Sleuth-Los Angeles-Cont) – G-
Eversz, Robert – 2nd in series

St. Martin's Minatour, 2001, Hardcover

Newly out of prison, photographer Nina Zero agrees to a green-card marriage for $2,000. The husband is a Brit and paparazzi. Nina joins their ranks but when someone starts killing the paparazzi, including her new "husband," Nina decides to find out why.

There's no question that Eversz knows how to convey Los Angeles with a wonderful satirical eye. But the problem I have with this book, as well as the previous book I read of the series, is they start with Nina basically being TSTL (too stupid to live), and spends the rest of the story getting herself out the mess. My second problem is that Nina is the only fully dimensional character. So, while I enjoyed the book, I doubt this is a series with which I shall continue.

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