THE PLAYROOM (Police Proc-England-Cont) - Ex Connor, John – 2nd
in series
Orion, 2005 – UK Hardcover

DC Karen Sharpe has been contacted by a woman who claims she was kidnapped and raped 10 years ago by a local MP. In the meantime, the daughter of a local judge has been reported missing. Although a major task force has been created, Sharpe is left off the team. But roadblocks are being erected in both investigations and it becomes clear there is a connection between the past and the present.

First, you have an excellent police procedural with a diverse and interesting cast of characters. Second, you have Karen. For those of us who like complex, tough, damaged but redeemable, female characters, Karen fits the bill. Third, it is a well-written, tightly plotted, suspenseful story. It is graphic and as far from a cozy as one can get. But all together, it is an excellent book which kept me reading way too late into the night. I highly recommend this book and series.

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