MURDER IN CLICHY (Private Investigator-Paris-1990s) – Ok Black, Cara – 5th in series
SOHO, 2005- Hardcover

Aimée Leduc is a Paris computer security expert with a partner, René. Aimee agrees to do a favor for a Vietnamese nun and deliver an envelope to Thadée Baret. Thadée gives Aimée a bag of precious jade. Thadée is then gunned down and René kidnapped with the jade being the required ransom. When a government surveillance team threatens Aimée, she knows someone more is involved than just the jade.

The risk one always runs in picking up a series with the latest book is not having the backstory and knowing the identity of the characters. I very much felt that which this series. I appreciated the descriptions of the city, and the intricacy of the plot and having it unfold to me as it did the characters. But I also found it hard to relate to the characters and felt the story was very slow. It was easy for me to put the book down and hard to pick it back up. The writing is very good but I would recommend starting the series at the beginning.

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