BLACK MAPS (Private Investigator-New York-Cont) – G+ Spiegelman, Peter – 1st in series
Alfred A. Knopf, 2003- Hardcover

Investigator John March agrees to investigate a case of blackmail. The victim's career is being threatened by claiming he was involved in money laundering while at a bank that is now under federal investigation. March finds his client is no the only victim of threat, and not each has survived.

Spiegelman clearly knows whereof he speaks and actually makes the world of banking interesting. He has created an interesting protagonist in John March, including a history revealed throughout the story. The story does start out slowly and one has to get through the information about the banking industry, money laundering and data security, which s interesting and relevant but not exciting. After that, the story definitely takes off and suspense builds to an exciting ending. I enjoyed this debut book and would, most likely, read his next.

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