THE CLOSERS (Police Procedural-Los Angeles-Cont) – VG Connelly, Michael – 15th book
Little Brown, 2005 – Hardcover

Harry Bosch has rejoined the police force after 3 year's retirement. He's back with his partner, Kiz Rider, on the Open-Unsolved, formerly Cold Case, Squad. Their first case is that a young woman in 1968 who was taken from her home and murdered. Now there's a break in the case thanks to advances in technology; a DNA match.

It's nice to see Connelly back writing a very good police procedural, and to have Harry back on the Force. The story deals with the technical side of post-9/11 police work as well as the emotional side of the impact of a crime on the survivors. Add to that Connelly's well-done dialogue, sense of place, ability to create believable relationships, and good twists, and one is treated to a very good book.

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