TILL THE COWS COME HOME (Amateur Sleuth-Pennsylvania-Cont) – G Clemens, Judy – 1st book
Poisoned Pen Press, 2004-Hardcover

Stella Crown, with her farmhand Howie, has been running the family dairy farm since her parents died. At the best of times, it's very hard work. But it just became harder with a rash of accidents, or are they, happening on the farm. At the same time, children in the town are becoming very sick, and two have died, but no one knows why. Are the two things coincidences?

Clemens has created a fully dimensional, very believable character in Stella and surrounded her with an excellent supporting cast. She paints a realistic picture of farm life and has structured a solid mystery around it. My only hesitation is that, to me, it seems a bit too structured and a bit predictable. But the overall result is a good, solid, enjoyable first book.

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