KILLING FLOOR (Amateur Sleuth-Georgia-Cont) – G+ Child, Lee – 1st in series
Putnam, 1997-Hardcover

Jack Reacher is on his own for the first time after spending his life on military bases. While having breakfast in a small Georgia town, he is arrested for murder. At first it's a misunderstand but when he realizes the victim was his brother, a U.S. Treasury Agent, Reacher is determined to find out why his brother was in this town and who killed him.

I had not read Child before. Once one gets past the huge coincidence and ignore that Reacher's response to any question is to shrug, you find an exciting, suspenseful, rather brutal read with some good characters and very good dialogue. Jack is a loner but not above having a relationship. There is non-stop action, a couple very good twists and some very interesting information about the U.S. currency system. I'd place this in my airplane or beach book category, but I did enjoy it and plan to read more in the series.

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