Taylor, Sarah Stewart – O' ARTFUL DEATH

O' ARTFUL DEATH (Amateur Sleuth-Vermont-Cont) – Poor Taylor, Sarah Stewart – 1st book
St. Martin's Press, 2003-Hardcover

Sweeney St. George is an art historian with an interest in death art. A friend has relatives in the town and invites Sweeney to come with him for Christmas in Byzantium, Vermont, peaking her interest with the photograph of a very unusual gravestone from the 19th century art colony there. In trying to track down the stone's history, she comes to believe the girl beneath the stone was murdered. When the great-aunt of the girl is also found dead, Sheeney wonders weather there is a connection.

The subject of funeral art is fascinating. However, there was no character development and I found myself slogging through the book anxious for it to end.

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