LONG TIME GONE (Police Procedural-Seattle-Cont) – G+ Jance, J.A. – 17th in series
Morrow, 2005-Hardcover

J.P. Beaumont is now a member of the Special Homicide Investigation Team, ignominiously known as the SHIT squad, and has two cases to solve. First is a nun who, through hypnotherapy, remembers witnessing a murder 50 years ago. Second, and very personal, the ex-wife of his former partner and best friend, Ron Peters, is murdered and the initial evidence points to Ron.

Jance has given Beaumont two, distinct cases to be solved and it's done cleanly and without confusion. Favorite characters from the past are there and I particularly like the way Jance handles the passage of time in their lives. The cases are interesting with good suspense and twists along the way. I would like the dialogue to have been a bit more crisp, but that's a small complaint. I've missed J.P. and am glad to see him back. If you've not read the series, definitely start with the first. If, as I am, you're a fan, you'll definitely enjoy this new entry.

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