NO MAN'S LAND (Suspense-Arizona-Cont) - G+ Ford, G.M. – 5th in series
William Morrow, 2005-Hardcover

The inmates have taken over the prison, and the leader, Timothy Driver, starts killing one hostage every six hours unless Frank Corso comes to the prison. Thus begins a brutal trip of Corso, Driver and a fellow inmate and killer, Kehoe, with the Feds and television reporter Melanie Harris in pursuit.

While not a great work of literature, Ford has written another very exciting, suspenseful story. However, I wish there had more character development building of Frank, who seemed almost secondary in this book, and was put off by a credential attributed to the reporter. There were some relevant social statements made but, overall, it was a story high action and a real page-turner, but without much to stay with you at the end of the story.

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