Christopher, Paul (aka Christopher Hyde) - MICHELANGELO'S NOTEBOOK

MICHELANGELO'S NOTEBOOK (Amateur Sleuth-NYC/Germany-Cont/WWII) – NR Christopher, Paul (aka Christopher Hyde) – 1st
under pseudonym
Onyx, 2005-Paperback

Art history student, Finn Ryan, comes across a drawing she is certain came from the lost notebook of Michelangelo. When she confronts her boss, he fires her. She and her boyfriend are attacked in her apartment and he is murdered. Finn calls a number given to her by her mother for emergencies, and is brought to Michael Valentine, a mysterious book dealer with whom she joins forces.

Fortunately, this book was published in paperback, so I only wasted $8 on it. The plot is completely implausible with holes large enough to fly the shuttle through. There is no character development, the author's view toward women is sophomoric, and there are only about two pages of suspense at the end of the book. Take a pass on this one.

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