LAST ACT OF ALL (Mystery-England-Cont) – VG Templeton, Aline – Standalone
Constable Crime, 1995- UK Hardcover

Helena Radley has been released from prison for killing her first husband, actor Neville Fielding, in spite of her claiming her innocence. Upon returning to her home in the village of Radensfield, her husband, Edward, has arranged a party. When Neville's wife, Lillian, who looks similar to Helena, is found murdered, the question is whether the right person died.

I discovered Templeton with her current book "Cold in the Earth" and promptly ordered as much of her backlist as I could find. It was so worth it! She is a wonderfully atmospheric writer. In this, you feel the inclusiveness of the village and the frustration of Helena. But it's the way in which this story is told I particularly liked. The first "book" is Helena returning from prison and trying to adjust. The second "book" takes us back to her first marriage; moving to the village and up through her trial. The final "book" is the solving of the crimes. I was so engrossed in the story; I didn't suspect the villain until late. I highly recommend this book and this author.

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