FLASHBACK (Suspense-Europe-Cont) – Good Siler,
Jenny – Standalone

St. Martin's Minotaur, 2004- paperback

An American woman, named Eve by the French nuns who found her, has no memory of her past. Her only clue is a ferry ticket with Arabic writing on it. When the nuns are massacred and the men were looking for "the American," it sets Eve on a search for the reason she's hunted and her past.

The story starts out well enough but soon becomes a mass of coincidences and a travelogue. The book moved quickly and sense of place was excellent. However, I never really had a sense of Eve's character and even less for the supporting characters. She's tough, she's capable of taking care of herself, lots of people die around her, but I wasn't involved enough to really care. So, while I thought it was good, it was far from great.

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