DEARLY DEVOTED DEXTER (Thriller-Miami-Cont) – Okay Lindsay,
Jeff – 2nd in series
Doubleday, 2005- Hardcover

Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who hunts serial killers, has targeted two men who torture and kill young boys. He has eliminated one but is prevented from accomplishing his second goal by his sister. She has fallen for a man from an unidentified federal agency who is after someone he knew from covert operation. They are after a man who skillfully and bloodlessly dismembers his living victims.

This is not a book for the weak of stomach! The only thing that makes this book, and the first one, work and at all readable is the skill of the writer, and that's saying a lot. Dexter is a fascinating character, although I do get a bit tired of being continually reminded that he's not normal. There were some humorous scenes, which are skillfully included to make the other portions less horrific. However, this book was not as well done as the first; there were serious flaws with the plot and the ending was too predictable, and I don't like where he's going with one of the characters. I hope Mr. Lindsay's editor takes a stronger hand with his next book, although I am not certain whether I'll read it.

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