THE SANCTUARY SEEKER (Historical-England-1100s) – G Knight,
Bernard – 1st of series
Pocket Books, 1998- Paperback

Sir John de Wolfe was appointed by Richard the Lionheart as the first coroner for the county of Devon, a role he takes very seriously. Sir John, along with his bodyguard Gyn and clerk Thomas, travels to the village of Widecombe because of an unidentified body found there. Sir John believes the murder links back to an important family and is outraged which his brother-in-law, the Sheriff, arrests and subjects another man to trial by ordeal.

Knight creates a picture of 12th century England and explaining the system of justice without bogging down the story. I found myself caught up in the characters of Sir John, his uncomfortable relationship with his wife and brother-in-law, loyal bodyguard and somewhat weak, but dogged, clerk. These are characters I should like to follow further. Happily, there are more books to this series for me to enjoy. I certainly recommend this those who like to combine their history and mystery.

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