Fowler, Christopher – THE WATER ROOM

THE WATER ROOM (Police Procedural-London-Cont) – Ex Fowler,
Christopher – 2nd in series
Doubleday, 2004- Hardcover

Detectives John May and Arthur Bryant have served with the Peculiar Crimes Unit since WWII. John May's former lover asks him to find out what her husband is doing; an academic with knowledge for London's underground rivers. The elderly sister of their pathologist is found dead, peacefully sitting dressed and dry in her bathroom, except her throat is filled with river water. A young woman buys the house and is disturbed by the sound of rushing water. When others in the neighborhood start to die, the incidents tie together.

The first of this series, "Full Dark House," was very good and this was even better. My only two regrets are that (1) the characters are of an age where you wonder how long they can be around and (2) I wish there were more books already there for me to read. But I know the next book is due out soon, so I'll take heart. The relationship and dialogue between the two detectives is priceless, and there are great supporting characters. The writing is wonderful—it's funny, suspenseful and educational, and, as with fine wine, should be savored but thoroughly enjoyed. Very highly recommended.

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